Mei-Cam Capture

 Mei Cam Capture


Intuitive and easy to use, Mei-Cam Capture displays a live feed from the camera to allow for easy and accurate image capture.  Create a session and capture multiple images and videos in a single session.

Start capturing with simply two clicks of a mouse!

With the images captured, simply select the best images from the session and export them in to a single file folder, keeping all of the patient's visit data in a single location.  Image storage is local and there is no patient identifiable data stored with the images.

Choosing a storage location integrated with Microsft OneDrive allows for easy multi-room, even multi-location sharing.

Capture video and images.


Mei-Cam Review


Mei Cam Review


Elegant and efficient, Mei-Cam Capture allows you to quickly review your images and videos with the patient.

Simple enhancement options ensure the image details stand out well for ease of interpretation and patient education.  Filters for brightness, contrast and negative colour.

Save enhanced images alongside originals in the session folder.

Play and pause videos precisely.

Enhance all images simultaneously.

Compare multiple sessions quickly.